Impressions from a Lost World: The Discovery of Dinosaur Footprints

Late Triassic Landscape

Terrestrisuchus terrestrisuchus Coelophysis coelophysis Hypsognathus hypsognathus-1 Ornithopod ornithopod-1 Ornithopod ornithopod-2 Macrotaeniopteris macrotaeniopteris Sanmiguelia sanmiguelia Podozamites podozamites Neocalamites neocalamites Pekinopteris pekinopteris Clathropteris clathropteris Equisitites equisitites Cladophlebis cladophlebis Sphenobairia sphenobairia Rutiodon rutiodon-1 Rutiodon rutiodon-2 Rutiodon rutiodon-3 Rutiodon rutiodon-4 Sphenonotid sphenonotid Stegomus stegomus
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