Impressions from a Lost World: The Discovery of Dinosaur Footprints

Map of Greenfield in 1855

zoomable artifact image here

This map of Greenfield was produced by French and Clark. It shows all of the town, with the locations of houses, businesses, and cemeteries. 

The homes of Dexter Marsh and James Deane can be seen by zooming in to the darkened area near the bottom, at the level of the house above the "Map of Greenfield" title at lower right. The home of Dexter Marsh, located just north of Olive Street, is labeled "Mrs. Marsh," as Dexter had died two years before. James Deane's house is on the corner of Main and Hope streets, just below the "N" in the street label "MAIN". 

French & Clark
Courtesy of:
Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association Library