Impressions from a Lost World: The Discovery of Dinosaur Footprints

Poster Announcing Auction of Dexter Marsh's Cabinet

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When Dexter Marsh died in 1853, the contents of his Cabinet were auctioned. The collection was advertised as being "the only collection of the kind of any magnitude in this country, (except that of Amherst College)." Items were listed so that prospective buyers could see what there was, and the sale would last as many days as it took to sell everything. Orinithichnites and quadrupedal footprints were considered the choicest items and were on the front. Fish, minerals, coins, shells, "Miscellaneous Objects," and books were on the back. The sale added over $3,000 to Marsh's estate, providing if not great wealth, at least some security for the wife and five children he left behind.

L. Merriam
Courtesy of:
Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association Library